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Best Weatherproof Smart Lock For Outdoor Gates

Why is it hard to find a waterproof smart gate lock? A few years ago, smart gate locks for outdoor gates were very rare to non-existent and were only available to...

Why is it hard to find a waterproof smart gate lock?

A few years ago, smart gate locks for outdoor gates were very rare to non-existent and were only available to commercial customers. But, with new technology emerging every single day, smart gate locks have become more accessible to residential customers.

Any smart door lock is part electronic (i.e. smart) and part mechanical. For any electronic item, it takes a good build, design and a lot more work to make them withstand the weather/elements/rain. Usually, it is a very costly exercise and not a lot of companies wanted to do it because the market demand was not great.

Nowadays, the demand has grown significantly and more and more people are looking to get a keyless smart lock for their gates which are fully exposed to rain. And, that's why we have introduced our smart gate lock range to our customers.

What should you consider when buying a smart gate lock?
IP Rating

This is the obvious one. But, let's look at what this rating means.

Usually, in smart door locks, the IP rating refers to the level of protection against dust and water. The first digit refers to dust protection level and the second number refers to water protection level (e.g. IP55). The higher these 2 numbers are, the better the weather resistance.

In most cases, the external gates are fully exposed to weather or under a small roof not enough to fully protect them from rain. Therefore, the smart gate lock should be designed to protect itself from rain and dust.

Most smart door locks in the market are IP55 or IP65 rated. These are sufficient for external doors which are under covers such as a roof or an eve. For external gates, it is recommended to get locks that come with a higher water protection rating (e.g. IP68) because they can be exposed to rain for a long period.


Double-sided smart door locks can be locked from both inside and out. That means you need to "unlock" the gate to exit the premises.

Most smart door locks on the market are single-sided and they are suitable for external and internal doors on a property. But, double-sided locking is especially required for front and side gates which are shorter and to prevent unlocking by reaching over or through the gate.

Multiple-unlock methods

Are you tired of forgetting the keys every time you go for a walk? Tired of fumbling in the dark to fit the key in the lock? Or, Struggle to get the front door open while you juggle the kids, sports gear, and the groceries?

Then you will appreciate multiple keyless access methods such as Fingerprint, passcode, key fob and smartphone unlock. You don't have to worry about the keys when getting in and out of the property anymore.

Keep it unlocked when necessary

This is called passage mode. You need to be able to keep the smart gate lock unlocked when having people over or keeping your premises open at certain times.

Provide access levels to multiple people

You should be able to grant the correct level of access rights to a person. For example, all your family members can have permanent access to the smart gate lock. Your regular cleaning staff or tradespeople should only have temporary access.

Remote Access

You need to be able to manage/control access to the premises remotely to let someone into the property when you are away.

Long Battery life

Most smart locks are battery powered and with regular usage, you need to be able to use the smart lock for several months without having to replace or re-charge the batteries.

So, where can I buy a smart gate lock with all these features?

The Australian market is still lagging behind the technology for smart gate locks. And it is still a bit hard to find these waterproof smart gate locks.

But we have introduced a fully waterproof smart gate lock for external gates. It is elegant, built using weather-resistant 304 stainless steel and comes loaded with features. This could be the ideal smart door lock for your external gate or external door which is fully exposed to the weather.

Got a question?

We understand that not all gates are made equal. Or sometimes, it is hard to figure out which mortise to select based on your gate frame.

If you have any questions about smart gate locks in Australia or looking for a smart door lock, go to our online store to browse our huge range of smart door locks.

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