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A Smart Approach to Security

A smart door lock is an essential component of a truly smart and connected home.

sleek and attractive

Our smart door locks are designed to improve the aesthetics and the value of your home

A smart door lock for Every Situation

Smart Handles

These are the collection of smart door locks that come with a handle or a lever to lock and unlock the door.

Check out our entire collection of smart door handles with different features to meet your unique needs.

Smart Deadbolts

Smart Deadbolts usually do not have a handle attached to them.

If you are looking for a minimalist look or have a screen door next to the main entrance door (i.e. limited space between the two doors), you are most likely to choose a smart deadbolt over a smart lever.

Also, these are a really good option for Airbnbs.

Slim smart door locks

If you want a smartlock for your narrow stile Aluminium door frame, you can choose smart locks from this collection.

We have multiple models varied by looks, quality, features and budget.

And Much much more..

Have a look at our entire product collection to find the best one that suits your door and home aesthetics.

Customer Testimonials

"Highly recommend"

Was skeptical about purchasing a lock online after looking at other shops. Read the reviews and we are so happy. Easy to install does everything it says and perfect for those who want to lock up and access without keys. The fingerprint and timing lockup works like a charm. Service was impeccable we called and receive assistance immediately. Would highly recommend this product life saver with all these teenagers coming and going all hours of the night !

Sharee L. (Strathfield, NSW)

Surprisingly Good!

Finding a good quality wifi door lock under $500 was surprisingly difficult, that was until I found these guys (who happen to be based in Victoria which is a great bonus). The team has great customer service and communicates well..

Tin P. (Wantirna, VIC)

Great company!

Good device and great support. despite they do not do installation. they organized the fitters for me, which was fast, good and at honest price.

Emanuele B. (Yarraville, VIC)


I now have three of the "SmartDL 5-in-1" locks on exterior doors, plus one of the "Ultraloq UL1" locks on an interior door (as a privacy lock). As an aside, I also have one Samsung electronic deadbolt.
The 3 x SmartDL's and 1 x Ultraloq are FAR superior to the Samsung lock from a fingerprint recognition point of view. The 4 locks from SmartDoorLocks all work 9+ times out of 10 while the Samsung almost always requires a second and even third attempt.

Andrew M. (Truganina, VIC)

Just bought and installed!

Was bit skeptical initially. Couldn’t find any reviews about the product. Did some online research on smart locks and went to Bunnings and didn’t find under my price. Did a go with smart door locks and meet my expectations...

Simon M. (Smithfield, NSW)

"Great versatile door lock"

First of all I have to say Smart Door Locks Australia has the best range of smart door hardware solutions I have come across. I was frustrated by the lack of variety and functionality of door hardware offered by the largest of the hardware stores. I found this door handle that offered finger print, card, passcode, app support as well as the ability to open the door remotely and provide physical key access if required...

Simon T. (Seddon, VIC)