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Setting Up Ultraloq Bridge

Setting Up Ultraloq Bridge Requirements: 1. A smartphone that is connecting to the 2.4G Wi-Fi network (5G Wi-Fi NOT supported). 2. U-tec App (latest version).  3. Ultraloq smart lock: U-Bolt, U-bot Pro, Lever, UL1, UL300, UL3 (support but...

Setting Up Ultraloq Bridge


1. A smartphone that is connecting to the 2.4G Wi-Fi network (5G Wi-Fi NOT supported).

2. U-tec App (latest version). 

3. Ultraloq smart lock: U-Bolt, U-bot Pro, Lever, UL1, UL300, UL3 (support but not recommend).

4. Ultraloq Bridge plugged into a power outlet within 10 feet on an opposite or adjacent wall from the Smart Lock.The lock and the Bridge are in the line of sight (recommended).

5. A distance within 50 feet between the Bridge and the Wi-Fi router.


How to set up the Bridge?

Step 1. Confirm the Bridge is the factory default mode and the indicator of the Bridge keeps Steady Yellow.

If not, please follow this to reset the Bridge as follows

1. Press the Wifi icon (touch key) with pressure for more than 15 seconds, the indicator of Bridge will keep Steady Yellow.

2. Re-plug Bridge from the outlet.

3. If you had paired this Bridge to an Ultraloq lock, please have to delete the Bridge from the lock in the App.


Step 2. Confirm the lock has been paired to your U-tec App.

Step 3. Use U-tec App to pair the Bridge. Choose your Lock >> Settings >> Pair Bridge (scroll down) 

>> Add Bridge>> choose the Bridge that you want to pair to, then insert your Wi-Fi password.

The indicator will begin to blink Yellow.

Step 4. Wait for the indicator of the Bridge until it keeps steady Green.

Step 5. Testing. Turn off the smart phone’s Bluetooth and connect the lock by the U-tec App and try to

lock/unlock function. If it works, the Bridge is paired successfully. 

Also, you can follow the instruction video to set up.



1. For multiple Ultraloq locks, you have to use multiple Bridges to connect.

2. Enable all permissions on the settings page of your smartphone, which include Location (Always), Bluetooth, Camera, Notification, etc.

3. Make sure your smartphone is not connecting to the other Bluetooth devices, for example, App Watch, Headphones.

4. The bridge does not support any PPPoE network protocol or the Static IP Address.

5. Please don’t use any Wi-Fi range extender to connect the Bridge.

6. Make sure port 8883 and port 443 are open on your router.



The Bridge worked completely fine when I first set it up, and now I can connect via Bluetooth when at the house but not away through the Wi-Fi, how to solve?

When an Ultraloq Bridge already paired to a lock, while trying to use the App controlling the lock, the lock will only connect the stronger signal either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So if you can connect the lock at home, but can't connect it  when you are away, that means the Ultraloq Bridge connection is a failure. Please follow the below steps to do troubleshooting.

Step 1. Turn off and turn on your smartphone.

Step 2. Uninstall the current U-tec App, and install the latest version U-tec App.

Step 3. Sign out and sign in your U-tec Account.

Step 4. Remove and plug in the lock’s batteries to reboot and wait for 2 minutes.

Step 5. Unplug and plug the Bridge and wait for 2 minutes.

Step 6. Check if changed any configuration of your Wi-Fi router.

Step 7. Check if the router's connecting AP device quantity is over its requirement.

Step 8. Confirm the phone's Wi-Fi or carrier's internet is good.

Step 9. If all done, we strongly recommend that reset the Bridge and programming again.


The LED Indicator on the Ultraloq Bridge

No Light

If the Ultraloq Bridge has no light activity, it means that an unknown issue has occurred and it has fallen offline. Please try unplugging the Ultraloq Bridge from the outlet and wait for 5 minutes. Then Plug the Ultraloq Bridge into a different outlet.

Steady Yellow

Steady Yellow indicator means that the Ultraloq Bridge is in the factory default mode, it's ready for the configuration. If you are ready to set up the Ultraloq Bridge, but the indicator is not steady Yellow, please reset the Bridge to the factory default mode.

Blinking Yellow

Blinking Yellow indicator means that the Bridge is set up after entering the correct Wi-Fi password. It's a programming process. You don't need to do any operation and only wait for the Bridge auto-configuration.

Steady Green

Steady Green indicator means that the Bridge has been configured successfully and is working on sleeping mode. You can use the U-tec App to connect the Bridge any time and from anywhere.

Steady Blue and Blinking Blue

Blinking Blue indicator means that Bridge is connecting to the lock' s Bluetooth. Once connected, the indicator will change to Steady Blue.

Steady Red

Steady Red indicator means that Bridge disconnect to the Wi-Fi network. It may help to move your Bridge closer to your Wi-Fi router and retry setup. Or your Bridge has an issue with the server connection.

Blinking Red

Blinking Red indicator means that Bridge disconnect to the lock. The bridge is having trouble connecting to your lock via Bluetooth. Try moving Bridge closer to your Smart Lock to enhance the Bluetooth signal.


If the Bridge connection continues to have issues, please take the below information to contact us:

1. Your U-tec Account. It's the email address when you log in to the App.

2. The model and system version of your smartphone.

3. The indicator status of the Bridge.

4. A picture showing the position between lock and Bridge.

5. A screenshot that showing the error on the U-tec App.

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