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Sliding Door Smart Locks in 2024

Smart door locks are making life easier for many of us with their efficiency and durability. While most of our homes will have smart locks for our front and back...

Smart door locks are making life easier for many of us with their efficiency and durability. While most of our homes will have smart locks for our front and back doors, we seem to have given little or no attention to the locks of our sliding doors. Smart locks for sliding doors have not been easy to find.

Standing out from the rest of the doors, sliding doors increases the level of security concerns by being the largest doors in our homes. Maybe we have been wanting to upgrade a smart lock for our sliding doors, however, we are not aware if there is a smart lock for sliding doors that have already been manufactured and sold.

Why is it hard to find smart door locks for sliding doors?

In comparison with the traditional swing door locks, there is a vast variance in the design of sliding doors that make locking and unlocking different from each design. This might require manufacturing different locks by altering them according to each brand of doors. This is one of the main reasons why companies have known to face difficulties in manufacturing smart locks for sliding doors and thereby have not been highly commercialised.

Sliding doors are not common in every single house. Every single home will have more swing door locks, which is why there is a higher demand for them encouraging companies to produce smart locks for swing doors on a larger scale. But there are only a few sliding doors in houses across the world and therefore lack a considerable level of demand for companies to invest, manufacture and market smart locks for sliding doors on a larger scale.

Some considerations

When choosing a smart lock for sliding door some of the important factors to consider are;

Keyless Entry: One of the most important functionalities of a smart door lock is the keyless entry. Our smart door locks usually have multiple methods of unlocking such as fingerprint, key code, key fob and Bluetooth/Smart Phone. You can create multiple users with multiple access methods for each person or family member.

Weather-resistant: The smart door locks you choose for your external sliding doors should be weather resistant should be able to withstand normal splashing from rain. But, none of the smart locks can be submerged in water. All of the smart door locks we sell comes with a rubber gasket that goes between the door and lock to prevent water from seeping into the lock electronics.

Integrate with existing eco-systems: If your home is already controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Home or whatever, you will want your smart door lock to be able to be integrated into the existing eco-system.

A few smart door lock options for your sliding doors

Let's look at a few smart door locks for sliding doors that are really good and functional keyless entry door locks for your home or office.

These smart door locks are the best we have for sliding doors. They come with multiple unlocking methods such as Fingerprint, key code, key fob, Bluetooth and optional Wi-Fi. These keyless door locks are made to last, wireless installation and weather-resistant 304 stainless steel construction means it's ideal for internal and external doors. And with a sophisticated design to ensure your property looks good as well, this lock is truly the solution for smart, safe, and easy access!

Got a question?

If you have any questions about smart door locks for sliding doors in Australia or looking for a smart door lock, go to our online store to browse our huge range of smart door locks.

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