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Enabling Wi-Fi for TTLock Smart Door Locks

This article explains how to configure the Wi-Fi Gateway and use the remote features of your smart door lock. This will help you to understand the Wi-Fi bridge, how to...

This article explains how to configure the Wi-Fi Gateway and use remote features of your smart door lock.


  1. You should have a Wi-Fi Gateway from Smart Door Locks. You can purchase it from here.
  2. Make sure your Smart Door Lock is functional and configured using Bluetooth with the TTLock app.
  3. Make sure you have an active 2.4GHz Wifi network. Usually, there are 2 wifi networks (i.e. 5G and 2.4GHz) on a standard WiFi Modem. Identity the "WiFi Name" that you will be connecting to and make sure you have the password to connect to this WiFi network.
  4. Make sure you have a USB power source to power the Wi-Fi Gateway (Do not plug in the Wi-Fi Gateway to the power yet).

Understanding the Wi-Fi Gateway indicator light status


Configuring the Wi-Fi Gateway

  1. Open your TTLock App.
  2. Open the side menu.
  3. Select Gateway -> Tap '+'
  4. Select G2
  5. Now, plug the Gateway into the USB power source. Make sure the indicator light flashes red and blue alternatively.
  6. Back in the app, tap the '+' next to the discovered gateway.
  7. Select the correct 'Wi-Fi Name'. Make sure this is your 2.4GHz network.
  8. Enter the 'Wi-Fi Password' for the selected network.
  9. Enter the 'Gateway Name' identify your gateway (e.g. 'Main Gateway')
  10. Tap 'OK'. It will take about a few minutes to complete the setup.
  11. Once the Gateway is configured, it will search for the nearby locks. This should show your smart door lock(s) if they are within the Bluetooth range of this Wi-Fi Gateway (3-7 meters). If not, you will have to move the Wi-Fi Gateway closer to the smart door lock.

Enabling 'Remote Unlock' (using the Wi-Fi Gateway) for the Smart Door Lock

  1. Make sure you are within 3-7 meters of the smart door lock.
  2. Open your TTLock App.
  3. Select the smart door lock you want to configure if you have multiple smart door locks. 
  4. Tap 'Settings' -> 'Remote Unlock'
  5. Tap 'Turn On'.

Troubleshooting tips

Try one or more of these helpful tips, if you run into issues while configuring the Wi-Fi Gateway.


  1. Make sure you are within 3-7 meters of the Wi-Fi Gateway that is being configured.
  2. Make sure you are connecting to the 2.4GHz network. Sometimes, the network band is appended to the "Wi-Fi Name" when there are multiple Wi-Fi names available. For example, say you have my_wifi_name and my_wifi_name_5g. Here, the 5G network has the "5g" appended to the Wi-Fi name, so you'll have to pick the other one.
  3. Sometimes, connecting your phone to the same 2.4GHz network, that the Wi-Fi Gateway will be connected to might help.
  4. Goto your modem settings (You might have to contact your internet service provider to get help with this) and turn off the 5G network temporarily and only keep the 2.4GHz network active.
  5. Check the Location Service settings on your phone and allow Location access to the TTLock app while the app is in use.

Additional Notes

  1. When you power on the Wi-Fi Gateway, it will be in the pairing mode for the first 60 seconds. This is the time window to configure the Wi-Fi network settings using your TTLock.
  2. If your Wi-Fi Gateway is already configured and if you restart the Wi-Fi Gateway, it will take about 2-3 minutes to get back to the normal operational state. You'll notice it will be in the pairing mode for the first 60 seconds (as always) but after that, it will go back to the normal operation mode using the existing settings.
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