SDL-G2 Double-Sided Waterproof Gate Lock

Model: SDL-G2
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Color: Black
Door Type - Backset: Swing - 28mm

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Are you looking for a water-resistant smart lock for your doors or external gates?

✔️ SDL-G2 double-sided smart gate lock is a highly water-resistant solution designed specifically for external doors and gates that face extreme weather conditions, including rain. It offers reliable performance and durability even when exposed to long periods of extreme Australian weather.

✔️ This double-sided smart gate lock provides enhanced security and peace of mind as it can be locked from both the inside and outside. This feature ensures added protection when installed on external gates or doors, regardless of the type.

✔️ SDL-G2 double-sided smart gate lock offers an elegant minimalist design, wireless installation with battery operation, and durable weather-resistant construction made of 304 stainless steel. This smart lock is suitable for metal, aluminium, or wooden doors/gates with a minimum frame/stile size of 49mm (See specifications)

✔️ With its built-in Wi-Fi, you can manage door access from anywhere, even when you're not at home, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to stay connected to your property.

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Color: Black
Door Type - Backset: Swing - 28mm

Product information

Technical Terms

These are the some of the specialised terms we use.

Familiarising yourself with these terms will help you understand the terminology commonly used in the world of door locks.

[Image: Typical door lock on a door]

✔️ Backset
Distance between the edge of the door and the centre of the door lock.

✔️ Door Stile/Frame
The door stile/frame is the flat surface area where the smart door lock is mounted, and the minimum door stile refers to the minimum surface area required for a specific lock. Check the 'Fitment' section of each lock to find its minimum door stile requirement.

✔️ Mortise/Mortise Lock
A type of lock that is installed within a door, with the lock body embedded or recessed into a mortise pocket within the door. A mortise lock size usually refers to the Backset of that specific mortise.
For example, 'Swing - 28mm' = Mortise lock with a 28mm Backset for a Swing Door.

✔️ Latch
A spring-loaded mechanism that keeps the door closed when engaged and can be released by turning a doorknob or lever.

✔️ Deadbolt
A bolt that extends into the door jamb to prevent the door from being forced open.

✔️ Striker Plate/Strike Plate
The a metal plate that is installed on a door jamb or frame where the door latch or deadbolt extends into to keep the door securely closed.

✔️ Strike Box
The strike box is the plastic box installed behind the strike plate and is attached to the door frame with screws. When the door is closed, the latch or bolt on the lock extends into the strike plate box.

✔️ Keyless Entry
A feature that allows users to unlock a door without using a traditional key, typically using methods such as numeric keypads, fingerprint, or smartphone apps.

✔️ Keypad Entry
A type of keyless entry system that utilizes a numeric keypad for entering a PIN code to unlock the door.

✔️ Bluetooth Connectivity
A wireless communication technology that enables the smart lock to connect and communicate with other devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Bluetooth is short-range and usually about 3-7 meters.

✔️ Wi-Fi Connectivity
A wireless networking technology that allows the smart lock to connect to the internet, providing remote access and control capabilities.

Multiple ways to access your home

Lock or unlock your door without ever needing a physical key again.

Dual Fingerprint
Dual Keypad/Code
Dual Fob
(Mifare 13.56 MHz)
Tuya App
Mechanical Key

Quick Look

Summary of the features of this lock at a glance

Battery Powered

Working Voltage 7.4V

Lithium Rechargeable Battery (Included)

Approx. 10 Months Usage

Low-battery warning

No Wiring or Electrician Required


Can be locked from both inside and out.

Suitable for front-gates and side-gates.

User Capacity

10 Administrators

280 General Users

Extremely Water-Resistant

Can withstand the rain for an extended period.

Can be installed on External Doors or Gates that are fully exposed to the weather.

Left/Right Handed

Reversible to suit both Left and Right handled doors.

Detailed How-To instructions are provided.

Emergency Overrides

Mechanical Key Override.

Micro-USB Backup Power if batteries are dead.

Remote Access

Remote unlocking*

Generate passcodes remotely

Access logs remotely

Smart Home

Tuya Smart

Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant




Basic Smart Lock size information. See the Specification section for more details.
If you need any other information, please contact us.

For Both Swing & Sliding Doors

SDL-G2 Smart Gate Lock is compatible with both swing and sliding doors, depending on the mortise lock body selected.

With multiple lock body options available, you can find the perfect fit for various door sizes commonly found in the Australian market.

How to select the correct lock body?

See the 'Fitment' section below and the 'Specification' section for detailed diagrams.

Additional Details
Mortise Technical Terms

- Mortise Backset = Distance from the start of the faceplate (including) to the centre of the square spindle hole

Total Mortise Width = This is the total width of the lock body; from the start of the faceplate (including) to the end of the lock body. This will determine the size of the pocket/cavity to be cut into the door.

See more 'Technical Terms'.



Door Types
Swing Doors & Sliding Doors

Door Thickness
45 mm - 70 mm
[Contact us for other door thickness requirements]

Door Stile/Frame
- Door Stile requirement depends on the mortise backset chosen. Use one of the options below to calculate it.

Using Easy Calculator

Use our quick 'Backset Calculator' to find the best mortise backset option based on your current door.

Using Size Chart
Door Type - Backset Minimum Door Stile Width Mortise Width / Cavity
Swing - 28mm 49 mm 45 mm
Swing - 30mm 51 mm 47 mm
Swing - 35mm 56 mm 52 mm
Swing - 50mm 71 mm 67 mm
Swing - 60mm 81 mm 77 mm
Sliding - 28mm 49 mm 43 mm
Sliding - 35mm 56 mm 50 mm

Other Specifications
- See the 'Specifications' section below for more details.

Control and connect with Tuya App

Customise settings, manage access, check access logs, share digital keys
and much much more..

Features in detail

Want to know more about the features of this digital lock?
Then we've got you covered in this section.

🟪  Extremely Water-Resistant

Highly resistant to water and dust. It means this lock can withstand heavy rain and remain functional for an extended period. This makes it suitable for installation on external doors or gates that are fully exposed to weather conditions.

🟪  Double-Sided

Double-sided Smart Door Locks are very unique and can be locked both internally and externally. This is especially required for front and side gates, which are shorter and prevents opening the lock by reaching over or through the gate.

Learn more about double-sided smart locks here.

🟪  Long battery life

The Smart Door Lock is designed with energy efficiency in mind and can provide around 10 months of battery life.

The lock also includes a low-battery warning, so you'll know when it's time to replace the battery.

🟪  Built-in Wi-Fi for Remote Access

Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to remotely control your lock using your smartphone. This means you can manage and monitor your lock from anywhere, providing convenient access control.

🟪  Remote Unlock

Remotely unlock your door using the Tuya App. Visitors send remote unlock requests via the keypad, and you can approve them to unlock the door.

🟪  Auto-Locking

Set a time for the smart door lock handle to automatically lock after the door is closed. Auto-Lock mode disables the external/outer handle from unlocking the lock mechanism after the timeout.

🟪  Instant Fingerprint Identification

One of the best fingerprint/thumbprint door locks on the market. Superfast fingerprint recognition and super easy configuration.

🟪  Micro-USB For Emergency Power & Mechanical Key

Use an external power bank to activate your smart lock even when the batteries are dead. Backup mechanical key for an emergency override.


Technical details about this smart lock


With 28mm Swing Mortise

With 30mm Swing Mortise

With 35mm Swing Mortise

With 50mm Swing Mortise

With 60mm Swing Mortise

With 28mm Sliding Mortise

With 35mm Sliding Mortise

Technical Parameters

Model No

Silver, Black

Door/Gate Thickness
45 - 70 mm [Contact us for other door thickness requirements]

Minimum Door/Gate Frame/Stile

Door Handing
Reversible (Left and Right)

H 290mm x W 40mm x D 26 mm

Unlock Methods
Tuya Wi-Fi, Dual Fingerprint, Dual Fob (Mifare 13.56 MHz), Dual Keypad/Code, Mechanical Key

7.4V Rechargeable (included)


User Capacity
10 Administrators, 280 General Users

Identification Time
Instant recognition under 0.1 seconds

User-defined 6-7 digit

Compatible Smartphone
iOS7.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above

Remote Access

Working Voltage

Working Temperature
-30 °C ~ 75 °C

Battery Life
Approx. 10 Months (Average 10 times a day)

Case Material
304 Stainless Steel

3 kg

Mechanical Key Override

Keypad Backlight

12 Months

What's in the box

  • Interior Assembly
  • Exterior Assembly
  • Lock Body + Strike Plate
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Backup Keys x 2
  • Key Fobs x 3 (Mifare 13.56MHz)
  • Screws
  • User Guide
  • Drill Template



Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this product

Can I open the lock remotely?

Absolutely, this smart door lock comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi. Once you've set up your Tuya app, you can remotely unlock the lock or generate temporary passcodes using the app. To unlock remotely, a visitor simply needs to send a remote unlock request through the keypad (refer to the user manual for details), and you'll receive a notification on the Tuya App to approve or decline the unlock request.

What if I don't want to use the app?
App is optional. It is only required when to control access to the lock when you are not near the lock. If you are on-site, you can use the lock keypad to configure passcodes, fingerprints, etc. using the settings menu.