Technical Terms

These are the some of the specialised terms we use.

Familiarising yourself with these terms will help you understand the terminology commonly used in the world of door locks.

[Image: Typical door lock on a door]

✔️ Backset
Distance between the edge of the door and the centre of the door lock.

✔️ Door Stile/Frame
The door stile/frame is the flat surface area where the smart door lock is mounted, and the minimum door stile refers to the minimum surface area required for a specific lock. Check the 'Fitment' section of each lock to find its minimum door stile requirement.

✔️ Mortise/Mortise Lock
A type of lock that is installed within a door, with the lock body embedded or recessed into a mortise pocket within the door. A mortise lock size usually refers to the Backset of that specific mortise.
For example, 'Swing - 28mm' = Mortise lock with a 28mm Backset for a Swing Door.

✔️ Latch
A spring-loaded mechanism that keeps the door closed when engaged and can be released by turning a doorknob or lever.

✔️ Deadbolt
A bolt that extends into the door jamb to prevent the door from being forced open.

✔️ Striker Plate/Strike Plate
The a metal plate that is installed on a door jamb or frame where the door latch or deadbolt extends into to keep the door securely closed.

✔️ Strike Box
The strike box is the plastic box installed behind the strike plate and is attached to the door frame with screws. When the door is closed, the latch or bolt on the lock extends into the strike plate box.

✔️ Keyless Entry
A feature that allows users to unlock a door without using a traditional key, typically using methods such as numeric keypads, fingerprint, or smartphone apps.

✔️ Keypad Entry
A type of keyless entry system that utilizes a numeric keypad for entering a PIN code to unlock the door.

✔️ Bluetooth Connectivity
A wireless communication technology that enables the smart lock to connect and communicate with other devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Bluetooth is short-range and usually about 3-7 meters.

✔️ Wi-Fi Connectivity
A wireless networking technology that allows the smart lock to connect to the internet, providing remote access and control capabilities.