Smart Key Box with App, Code and Bluetooth (SDL-K12)

Model: SDL-K12
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Are you looking for stress-free key sharing anytime and from anywhere?

✔️ Introducing the SDL-K12: Our latest smart keybox designed for hassle-free key sharing and retrieval. With this innovative device, you can grant access to your property from anywhere, even when you're miles away. Simply generate unique pin codes using your mobile app, and send them as text messages to your visitors.

✔️ Versatile Design: The SDL-K12 can be easily mounted on a wall using screws, or you can opt for the shackle (optional) and secure it on a fence, railing, or doorknob. Its spacious storage capacity sets it apart from other smart key boxes, and it automatically locks itself once the lid is closed, ensuring your peace of mind and security.

✔️ Wide Applications: Perfect for various settings such as Airbnb, service apartments, student accommodation, residential homes, and car-sharing services.

✔️ No Wi-Fi Required: Enjoy the convenience of generating remote codes without relying on Wi-Fi connectivity. Once a code is generated, you can confidently share it with your visitors, knowing that it will work within the specified time period.

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Style: Standard

Product information

Quick Look

Summary of the features of this lock at a glance

Large Storage Space

Large internal storage space

Store multiple keys, car keys and access cards

Battery Powered

Working Voltage 6V

4 X Alkaline AAA Batteries

Approx. 10 Months Usage

Low-battery warning

No Wiring or Electrician Required

Easy Installation

Easy DIY Installation with basic tools.

All fixing hardware provided.

Optional shackle for fence or railing attachment.

Online Codes

Works within 3-7m range

6-10 digit custom codes

Permanent, One-Time or Time-Sensitive codes

Offline Codes

Works from anywhere

10-digit auto-generated

One-time or Time-sensitive codes

No Wi-Fi or other connectivity required

Uses encryption to auto-generate codes


Automatically relock after the lid is closed.

Convenience to visitors and peace of mind to you.

Solid Construction

Zinc Alloy solid construction

Much better than alternatives

USB-C Emergency Power

USB-C Backup Power if batteries are dead.

Use a power-bank or any USB power source


Basic Smart Lock size information. See the Specification section for more details.
If you need any other information, please contact us.

Online Code Generation (Bluetooth)

Online codes can be generated when the authorized user is in close proximity (3-7 meters) to the key box. This feature utilizes Bluetooth connectivity between the mobile app and the smart key box.

Types of Online Codes:

The smart key box offers different types of online codes to cater to various access needs:

Custom Codes

With custom codes, you have the flexibility to create your own 6-10 digit code. This allows you to choose a code that is easy for you to remember while maintaining security.

Permanent Codes

Permanent codes are codes that work indefinitely. They are particularly useful for granting access to family members or staff members who require ongoing access. These codes can only be created using the online mode.

One-Time Codes

As the name suggests, one-time codes can only be used once. Once generated, the code becomes invalid after it has been used. This type of code is useful for providing temporary access to someone who needs to enter the premises for a single occasion.

Temporary Codes

Temporary codes have a specified start and end date during which they are valid. They are suitable for situations such as Airbnb rentals or accommodating short-term tenants. Once the specified period has ended, the code automatically becomes inactive, ensuring that access is limited to the designated timeframe.

Offline/Remote Code Generation

Offline codes provide a convenient and secure way to grant access to lock boxes remotely without the need for internet connectivity. They are particularly useful for applications where internet connectivity may be limited or unreliable, such as rental properties or remote locations.

How does offline codes without wi-fi or any other connectivity?

These codes are created using secure encryption technology and are generated by the smartphone app when the Smart Keybox and the app are paired during the configuration process.

Once the codes have been generated, they can be sent to other users or visitors who require access to the lock box. These codes can be set to expire after a certain amount of time or after a specific number of uses, providing additional security and control over access.

Types of Offline Codes:

One-Time Codes

Offline one-time codes are generated for single-use only. Once the code has been used to unlock the key box, it becomes invalid, ensuring enhanced security and preventing unauthorized access.

Temporary Codes

Offline temporary codes are valid within a specified start and end date. They are especially useful for scenarios such as Airbnb or short-term rentals, where access needs to be granted for a specific period. Once the designated time frame has elapsed, the temporary code automatically becomes inactive, ensuring access is restricted as intended.

Note: Offline mode does not support creating permanent codes.

Control and connect with OmConnect App

Customise settings, manage access, check access logs, share digital keys
and much much more..

Features in detail

Want to know more about the features of this digital lock?
Then we've got you covered in this section.

🟪  DIY Installation

This Smart Key Safe can either be affixed to walls or solid structures with the screws included, or the shackle can be used to attach it to doorknobs, fences, or railings.

🟪  Auto-Locking

The smart keybox has an auto-locking feature that locks the box automatically after the lid is closed, providing convenience to visitors and peace of mind to the owner.

🟪  Long battery life

With Bluetooth 4.0's ultra-low power consumption, the smart key safe operates on AAA batteries for approximately 12 months with regular use.

The smart key safe features a built-in low battery warning system, alerting you to replace the batteries before they deplete completely.

🟪  Keypad Security Lockout

Keypad Security Lockout feature ensures safety by disabling the keypad for 5 minutes after 5 consecutive incorrect PIN attempts.

🟪  Anti-peep Touchscreen

Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes. You can type in any number of random digits on the keypad, and can still gain access as long as the correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.

🟪  USB-C Emergency Power

When the batteries are depleted, you can utilise an external power source through the USB-C port to activate your smart keybox, ensuring access even in case of dead batteries.


Technical details about this smart lock

Technical Parameters


Case Material
Zinc Alloy


User Capacity
100 Codes

Remote Code Management

1 Kg

H 120 mm x D 54 mm

Bluetooth 4.0

Unlock Methods
Code/Password, Bluetooth, OmConnect App

IP Rating

User-defined 4-9 digit

Compatible Smartphone
iOS7.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above

Working Voltage
6 V (4 X Alkaline AAA Batteries)

Battery Life
Approx. 12 Months

Working Temperature
High (60℃) - Low (-45℃)

USB-C Backup Power

Keypad Backlight

12 Months

What's in the box

  • Smart KeyBox
  • Installation Guide
  • User Guide
  • Screws, Screw Anchors and Screw Driver.
  • Drill Template

Additional Resources


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this product

How does remote code generation work without Wi-Fi connectivity?

It's done using encryption algorithms. During the configuration process, the Smart Keybox and smart app are paired and share a unique keybox identifier.. Using the keybox identifier and advanced encryption technology, the smartphone app generates unique codes exclusively for that particular keybox.

Is it big enough to store multiple keys?
Yes, it is more than enough to store multiple keys, car keys and access cards.
If I buy multiple Smart Key Boxes can I use the same app to manage them?
Yes, you can register multiple KeyBoxes on the same app and you can manage them individually.