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Best Smart Door Locks Australia 2024

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with many different types and models available on the market. These smart locks can be grouped in various ways, and we have...

Traditional door locks with keys now belong to the 20th Century. Say hello to smart door locks of the 21st century!

The all-new smart door locks in 2024 are the newest breed of door locks in the market.

What is a smart door lock?

Thanks to the hospitality industry who was the first to learn the advantages and introduce smart door locks systems.

With this type of lock, your smartphone and your fingerprint become the key, allowing access remotely to your house from virtually anywhere in the world. Most of the smart door locks can be connected to a full home automation system, security system, home cameras and even video doorbells and other smart features that give you total control over your home.

You will no longer have to worry about losing your keys and paying big bucks to replace your lock. Solutions of the digitalised smart locks are much simpler with you being able to control your door lock from wherever you are with features such as email notifications, tamper alarms and voice commands.

You can generate more than one key for the same lock giving access to more than just one person. Security is still ensured with advanced data encryption and keeps you notified whenever someone locks and unlocks the door. Additionally, a few other benefits of smart door locks are, fingerprint access, code, key and card access enabling multiple virtual temporary virtual key access for family members and caregivers.

Most smart locks have a keyhole that can be used in an emergency to unlock the door using a mechanical key. Also, emergency backup power outlets so you can use an external battery to activate your lock even when the batteries are dead.

Different Types of Smart Door Locks

There are multiple types and models of smart locks in the Australian market. And you can group them in many different ways. We have decided to group them based on their traditional counterparts.

1. Smart Deadbolts

Smart Deadbolts usually does not have a handle attached to them. If you are after a minimalist look or if you have a screen door next to the main door, you are most likely to choose a smart deadbolt over a smart lever. And because there is no lever to unlock the locking mechanism, the smart deadbolts usually have an automatic locking and unlocking mechanism.

Unlike the traditional deadbolt, the smart deadbolt can be Bluetooth enabled and gives you the option of entering your home by using your smartphone or with an access code on its touch screen. It often comes with a modern design, known to be durable, user friendly and easy to operate.

2. Smart Levers

Smart levers come with either a numerical keypad or a touch screen along with a lever to lock and unlock the locking mechanism.

When you are looking for a smart lever you always want to go for a model which is packed full of smart features such as Bluetooth, fingerprint/biometric unlocking, keyfob/RFID unlock and keypad unlock.

In terms of the physical locking mechanism, there are smart lever variations that come with a latch or  latch + deadbolt combination. It is recommended to use a variation with a deadbolt to be used for entry doors to enhance the security (e.g. Smart Mortice Door Locks below). The ones without a deadbolt are ideal for internal doors such as bedrooms, garage access and office spaces.

3. Smart Mortice Door Locks

Smart Mortice Door Locks are a variation of the smart levers that comes with a built-in spring latch and deadbolts. Mortice locks require a mortice (or a "pocket") in the door edge for the door to slot the lock body. Generally, it is recommended to use a locksmith or a carpenter to install these types of locks because of this reason.

Smart Mortice locks are known for their durability, high security and functionality in the toughest environments. And just like other smart locks, the smart mortice lock is keyless and can be Bluetooth connected as well as incorporated into any smart device.

4. Smart Push/Pull Door Locks

This is a new door lock concept. The idea is, you can easily open the door by pushing or pulling the door handle. It is a great option if you are looking for a more modern look while maintaining convenience.

The physical locking mechanism is a single mortise with a latch and multiple deadbolts. And these usually come with a fully automatic locking and unlocking mechanism with a touch of button.

These are ideal for the main entrance.

5. Smart Outdoor Gate Locks

These are the newest addition to the smart door lock world. Most of the smart door locks in the market today are not suitable for outdoor gates.

One of the main reasons is, they are not suitable to be exposed to extreme rain or extreme wet situations. Make sure you explicitly check with the seller if they can be exposed to extreme weather conditions or you might lose the warranty.

The other reason is, most of the smartlcocks in the Australian market cannot be locked from the inside (i.e. single-sided). This is totally fine for an enclosed area such as the front door or garage door. But on an external gate, anybody can reach through the gate or reach over the gate and unlock the lock and gain access to your property.

Therefore, you'll need to find a fully waterproof and double-sided smart door lock for your external gates 

6. Smart Rim Door Locks

The Rim Locks, unlike in mortice smart door locks, the locking mechanism is in a self-contained box that is attached to the outside of the door. Whereas, in the mortise lock the lock mechanism/lock body is inside the door.

If your existing door has a traditional rim lock already, then it makes sense to replace it with a smart rim door lock. Also, these smart rim door locks are a really good option if you are looking for a smart door lock for your gates.

Got a question?

If you have any questions about smart door locks in Australia or looking for a smart door lock, go to our online store to browse our huge range of smart door locks.

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