Smart Deadbolts


These are the collection of smart deadbolts we have. You can choose from multiple models with different features to meet your unique needs.


Smart deadbolts usually does not have a handle attached to them. If you are after a minimalist look or if you have a screen door next to the main door, you are most likely to choose a smart deadbolt over a smart lever. And because there is no lever to unlock the locking mechanism, the smart deadbolts usually have an automatic locking and unlocking mechanism.

These are also a really good option for Airbrb properties because of their simple, intuitive and user-friendly operation. Also, just like any other smart lock with Wi-Fi option, you can manage the lock and set codes remotely from anywhere

If you need help choosing the correct smart deadbolt send us an email to with a picture of your door, current door lock and door frame width and we can help you out.

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