Smart Deadbolt - Fingerprint Keyless Entry Fully Automatic Deadbolt Lock (SDL-T1)

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Color: Black
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Looking for a keyless and phoneless smart deadbolt for your external and internal doors?

✔️ SDL-T1 5-in-1 Smart Deadbolt is a modern and minimalist smart door lock for your home, Airbnb or office environment. This digital keyless door lock is made to last, offers wireless installation and it's ideal for both external and internal doors. This smart door lock is suitable for any metal, aluminium or wooden door.

✔️ If you already have a traditional deadbolt (with a 60mm or 70mm backset) installed on your door, you could retrofit this lock with minimal adjustments to the door. (See 'Fitment' for details)

✔️ The Wi-Fi Bridge upgrade allows you to control the access to your door while you're away from your home/office and monitor all activity remotely. If you are an Airbnb host, you can set time-sensitive codes remotely from anywhere. These codes will automatically expire at the end of the stay and you don't have to worry about key returns anymore.

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Color: Black
Style: Standard

Product information

Multiple ways to access your home

Lock or unlock your door without ever needing a physical key again.

Fob (Mifare 13.56 MHz)
TTLock App/Bluetooth
Mechanical Key
(* Wi-Fi Bridge Required)

Quick Look

Summary of the features of this lock at a glance


Works for doors with screen door in front, in most cases.

Only 15mm between the main door and the screen door is required.

Simple Installation

Skilled family handyman could install this smart lock with basic tools.

Comes with detailed instructions and all hardware.

See 'Fitment' section for more information.

Splash Resistant

IP55 Rating.

Can withstand occasional water splashes caused by rain and wind.

Can be installed on External or Internal Doors that are covered by a roof or an eave.

Left/Right Handed

Reversible to suit both Left and Right handled doors.

Detailed How-To instructions are provided.

User Capacity

200 Fingerprints

200 Key Cards/Fobs

150 Codes/Passcodes

Battery Powered

Working Voltage 6V

4 X Alkaline AA Batteries

Approx. 10 Months Usage

Low-battery warning

No Wiring or Electrician Required

Fully Automatic

Fully automatic locking and unlocking with a press of a button.

Passage Mode

Keep it unlocked for a specified period for easy passage.

Useful for office hours or when visitors come.

Emergency Overrides

Mechanical Key Override.

Micro-USB Backup Power if batteries are dead.

Remote Access*

Remote unlocking

Remote locking

Generate passcodes remotely

Access logs remotely

(* Wi-Fi Bridge Required)

Smart Home*

Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant


(* Wi-Fi Bridge Required)


Basic Smart Lock size information. See the Specification section for more details.
If you need any other information, please contact us.



Door Types

Swing Doors

Door Thickness

35 mm - 65 mm

[Contact us for other door thickness requirements]

Door Stile/Frame

- Minimum 96mm wide

Other Specifications

- See 'Specifications' section below for more details.


This is one of our easiest door locks to retrofit to your existing door, if it has a similar deadbolt locking mechanism. You might be able to DIY with minimal adjustments to the existing holes and cut-outs.

  • Check if the distance from the edge to the centre of the bore hole is 60mm or 70mm.
  • Check if the existing bore hole is around 50mm - 54mm.
  • Minor adjustments might be needed to fit the new Deadbolt.

Wi-Fi Bridge Option

Get even more from your SDL-T1 Smart Deadbolt.

Enable remote features

- Control and Monitor your smart door locks remotely.

- Remote unlocking, locking, passcode generation, and monitoring access records.

Smartphone notifications

- Receive smartphone notifications when someone unlocks the door.

Smart home integration

- Voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Home

- Web API for custom/advanced integrations.

Control and connect with TTLock App

Customise settings, manage access, check access logs, share digital keys
and much much more..

Share access with guests

Enjoy seamless access sharing and enhanced convenience for your guests.

Airbnb Guests

Date and Time-limited codes for secure access during their stay. Effortless self-check-in for guests. All can be managed remotely (Wi-Fi) for your convenience.

Long-Term Tenants

Smartphone access or long-term codes. No more lost or duplicated keys.

Cleaners, Babysitters and Caretakes

Scheduled recurring access, eliminating the need for physical keys and waiting for them to arrive.

Tradesperson or Delivery Person

Effortless one-time access codes or unlock remotely (Wi-Fi) when they arrive.

Features in detail

Want to know more about the features of this digital lock?
Then we've got you covered in this section.

🟪  DIY Installation

SDL-T1 5-in-1 Smart Deadbolt electronic smart lock is designed to fit most Australian doors with a 60 mm or 70 mm backset traditional deadbolt.

Simple installation with minimal modifications to the door.

🟪  Fully Automatic Locking and Unlocking

Automatically unlocking the locking mechanism upon entering a valid "key" and automatically locking when the door is closed.

🟪  Voice Guide

A user-friendly voice guide to help you through the programming process and day-to-day operations.

🟪  Passage Mode

You can configure this smart door lock to keep the lock unlocked when having people over or keep a space open at certain times.

🟪  Suitable for External and Internal Doors

It is suitable for both external and internal doors, provided the external door is covered by an eave or provided the lock is installed under a hood to shelter it from direct rain.

This lock is not suitable for outdoor gates which are fully exposed to the weather (See SDL-G2 for outdoor gates).

🟪  Micro-USB For Emergency Power & Mechanical Key

Use an external power bank to activate your smart lock even when the batteries are dead. Backup mechanical key for an emergency override.

🟪  Anti-peep Touchscreen

Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes. You can type in any number of random digits on the keypad, and can still gain access as long as the correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.

🟪  Instant Fingerprint Identification

One of the best fingerprint/thumbprint door locks on the market. Superfast fingerprint recognition and super easy configuration.

🟪  Long battery life

The Smart Door Lock is designed with energy efficiency in mind and can provide around 10 months of battery life.

The lock also includes a low-battery warning, so you'll know when it's time to replace the battery.


Technical details about this smart lock


Adjusted to 60mm (Default)

Adjusted to 70mm

Technical Parameters


Door Thickness
35 - 65 mm

Black, Silver

60/70 mm Adjustable

Door Handing
Reversible (Left and Right)

Exterior Assembly: H 170 x W 63 x D 23 mm, Interior Assembly: H 170 x W 68 x D 48 mm

IP Rating

Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi is required)

Identification Mode
TTLock App, Fingerprint, Card (Mifare 13.56 MHz), Code and Bluetooth

User Capacity
200 Fingerprints, 200 Cards, 150 Codes

Case Material
Aluminium Alloy

Identification Time
Instant recognition under 0.3 seconds

User-defined 4-9 digit

Compatible Smartphone
iOS7.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above

Remote Access
Yes, Wi-Fi Bridge is required

Working Voltage
6 V (4 X Alkaline AA Batteries)

Battery Life
Approx. 10 Months (Average 10 times a day)

Compatible Smart Home Eco-system
Alexa and Google Assistant (Wi-Fi is required)

Hardware Type

2 kg

Mechanical Key Override

Micro-USB Backup Power Interface

Keypad Backlight

12 Months

What's in the box

  • Interior Assembly
  • Exterior Assembly
  • Deadbolt (Adjustable 60/70mm)
  • Strike Plate
  • Backup Keys x 2
  • Key Fobs x 3 (Mifare 13.56MHz)
  • Screws
  • User Guide
  • Drill Template
  • Wi-Fi Bridge (Optional)



Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this product

What is the purpose of the Wi-Fi Bridge?

The Wi-Fi Bridge enables you to control, manage and monitor your smart lock remotely using the App on your smartphone. If you don't have the Wi-Fi Bridge, you still can control your lock using the App within the Bluetooth Range.

How does Wi-Fi Bridge work?
Plug the Wi-Fi Bridge into a USB socket or USB power adapter and connect it to your home Wi-Fi in the TTLock app – then it is ready to be paired with your SDL smart door lock. It is recommended to place the Wi-Fi Bridge within 3-7 meters of the lock.
If I buy multiple locks, do I need 1 Wi-Fi Bridge for each lock?
No, a single bridge can be connected to multiple locks given they are all within the recommended 3-7 metre range.
Can I buy the Wi-Fi Bridge later?
Yes. You can buy it at a later date. But it's more cost-effective to buy it as a bundle.